Fee and Expenses

The services provided by Mr. Johan Du Mongh and the lawyers of the firm are, in principle, billed on an hourly basis at a rate agreed upon with the client at the beginning of the case. In exceptional cases, a percentage may be applied with a minimum hourly rate.


The fee depends on the nature and quantity of services required for the proper handling of the case. This is rarely predictable in advance, as it depends on unknown factors such as the development of a case and the intensity of the arguments from the opposing party.

Three fee methods are employed: either per hour, according to a value rate, or a combination of both. This is assessed and discussed with the client at the start and throughout the course of each case. In the event of obtaining litigation costs in a judicial procedure, the sum of the fee and expenses will never be lower than this cost. The litigation cost is a legally defined fixed compensation for attorney fees that the losing party in a proceeding may be ordered to pay.

A pure value rate is exceptionally used in the collection of specific amounts or defense against such claims. In this case, the fee is calculated as a percentage of the value of the dispute. These percentages are increased by 50% when an appeal procedure must be conducted.

The basic method involves billing at an hourly rate based on the time spent on the case. The hourly rate is agreed upon with the client in advance for each case and depends on the importance of the matter, the level of difficulty, any urgency, experience, and expertise. Hourly rates therefore vary between €175 to €350 (excluding VAT), with increases for exceptional interests or urgencies.

A mixed value method starts with the basic method according to the minimum hourly rate, with the fee increased with a success fee in the case of a favorable result.


Expenses related to a case (court fees, bailiff costs, fees for court experts, etc.) are passed on to the client. Each case also includes a contribution to general office expenses, calculated as follows (excluding VAT):

  • Administrative costs: €12.50 per page (e.g., letter, email, procedural document, etc.);
  • Travel costs: €0.50 per km;
  • Copying/printing costs: €0.40 per page.



Each fee or additional fee is determined based on the nature and status of the case.
No conclusions can be drawn about the final settlement from the size of interim fees. These fees are primarily for the initiation, study, and further processing of a case, as well as to cover expenses.
However, interim settlements can always be requested or drawn up.
Upon closing the case, a final settlement will be issued, in which the services provided will be invoiced at a minimum hourly rate and in which, in consultation with the client, account will also be taken of the result achieved.
The frequency of fees, the amount of the hourly rate, and the additional results bonus depend on the dedication, intensity, expertise, and urgency of the services to be provided or delivered.