Jan Hendrik Valgaeren

Jan Hendrik Valgaeren (°1980) studied History (Master in 2005), Law (Master in 2006, Doctor in 2012) and International Relations (Advanced Master in 2008).

Against this multidisciplinary backdrop, he fully supports the Roman adage 'fundamentum iustitiae est fides'. As a lawyer, he takes the facts as a starting point to ‘translate’ complex nowadays legal problems to solutions for those seeking justice.

Central is his casuistic approach, for which good communication with the individual seeking justice is paramount.

In part due to his academic activities (associated with the Universities of Antwerp and Tilburg), not only the written, but also the spoken word plays an important role in defending the interests of those seeking justice.

Jan Hendrik Valgaeren primarily takes on legal problems in the broad civil law context, with a special interest in family property law, social law, arts law and the human rights of (political) activists.

Jan Hendrik Valgaeren has been part of Du Mongh Lawyers since 2012.